FUNdraise by Having ​FUN!
Family Comedy Night FUNdraisers

Average Show RAI$E$
$5,000 !!!​


Here’s what our poeple are saying about Zingerz Fundraising programs.


Do YOU Want a Fundraiser that…

  • On average, Raises $5,000
    after expenses?
  • Is SO EASY to follow that
  • Your Supporters will actually

What does a ZingerZ Family Comedy FUNdraiser Include?

  • 1 Hour Interactive Clean Comedy Show1 Hour Interactive Clean Comedy Show (Plus, We Bring the Show To You!)
  • Raffle & Auctions (Silent & Live)
  • Event Host, Emcee & Live Auctioneer
  • Detailed ​Step-by-Step Guide
  • FUNdraiser Instructional Video
  • Easy Online Ticketing Platform
  • Digital Event Flyer
  • Facebook Event Invite Page
  • Event Management Forms
  • ZingerZ’ Expert Support & Advice
  • BONUS – Promotions Guide
  • BONUS – Volunteer Duty Sheets

Still Not Sure…

Discover how to get Your Family Comedy Night FUNdraiser started with the FIRST STEPS portion of ZingerZ’ FUNdraiser Instructional Video!

Turn FUNNY Into MONEY NOW – Call 817-609-1715!!!

What groups can do a
Family Comedy FUNdraiser?


  • Booster Clubs/School Clubs
  • Theater Arts
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Dance Schools


  • Football
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Cheer/Spirit Squads
  • …and More!


  • Youth Groups/Mission Trips
  • Community Outreach


  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Scouts/Youth Organizations


  • Individuals with Medical Needs

Turn FUNNY Into
MONEY NOW – Call 817-609-1715!!!

***Available Dates are FILLING UP FAST!***

Need More Information before you decide
to FUNdraise with ZingerZ Comedy?

Let me Break Down EVERYTHING ZingerZ Comedy provides with EVERY Family Comedy Night FUNdraiser!

1 Hour Clean & Interactive Improv Comedy Show:

  • An Interactive Experience similar to the hit TV
    show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”
  • Audience members don’t just watch the show…
    They are PART OF THE SHOW!
  • A great way to Have FUN & Create MEMORIES
    (Your Supporters WILL Remember Your Cause)!

Raffle & Auctions
(Silent & Live):

  • Three MORE additional ways to RAISE MORE
    MONEY for your cause!
  • Create more entertainment value for your event!
  • You can choose to do One, Two or All Three…

Event Host, Emcee & Live Auctioneer:

  • We will HOST your entire event!
  • We will EMCEE your Raffle & Silent Auction!
  • We will provide a fast-talking LIVE AUCTIONEER
    for your Live Auction!

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Easy to follow Step-by-Step Instructions, including Checklists, Templates and Examples, detailing EXACTLY what to do from day one until the end of your Comedy Night FUNdraiser event!
  • Just by following this Guide, ANYONE can run a SUCCESSFUL Comedy Night FUNdraiser!

Instructional Video:

  • FULL of Helpful Tips, Advice & Examples!
  • We show you the BEST ways to EASILY achieve
    your FUNdraiser’s Goals (Tickets, Sponsors, etc.)!
  • We even tell you WHAT TO SAY to get Sponsors
    & Raffle/Auction Donations!

Ticketing Platform:

  • We provide you with an Online Store where your supporters can purchase tickets, make donations and pay sponsorship fees!
  • A ONE STOP SHOP for your event!
  • NO PAPER TICKETS to keep track of!

Digital Event Flyer:

  • We’ll even Create It for you!

Facebook Event Invite Page:

  •  Plus we show you how to Best Utilize your provided Facebook Event Invite Page to spread the  word about your event and sell more tickets!

Event Management Forms:

  • We provide you with EVERYTHING you need to manage and run your event!

Expert Support & Advice:

  •  Have any questions or need some help? Give us a call ANY TIME for our Expert Advice!
  • We will check-in with you each week leading up to your event to make sure you are good-to-go and provide any needed support!
  • We’re Here to HELP. Your Success is our Priority!

BONUS #1 – Promotions Guide:

  • A day-by-day breakdown on when and how to Successfully PROMOTE your FUNdraiser!
  • We even give you Suggested SCRIPTS on WHAT TO SAY when Promoting your event!

BONUS #2 – Volunteer Duty Sheets:

  • EASY TO FOLLOW event day instructions for your volunteers! FREE YOURSELF from having to constantly direct Volunteers during your event!
  • We want YOU to ENJOY the show just as much as your guests! Use All the Tools We Provide for a STRESS FREE event… so you can have fun too!

Here Are A Few Other FAQ’s We Get A Lot…

● Why should we Fundraise with Zingerz?

Zingerz Comedy is committed to making your FUNdraiser a success! You will have complete access to Zingerz staff at all times for any questions or advice. Our Step-by-Step Guide, FUNdraiser Video and Promotions Guide will provide you all the tools you need for an evening of successful FUN…draising!

Unlike other fundraisers, your supporters won’t feel taken advantage of. NO catalogs filled with overpriced
nick-knacks or unhealthy snacks supporters feel forced to purchase… Your supporters will MAKE MEMORIES,
NOT CLUTTER! – And it’s those Memories that will bring them back the next year, eager for more!

Comedy Night FUNdraisers bring all your supporters together for a memorable evening full of laughs… What better way is there to help others than by having FUN!

● Where can we hold a comedy night Fundraiser?

Any location that has a stage or “stage area” would work (banquet hall, Elks lodge, private event space, church, school auditorium, etc.). Restaurants and bars will not work.

● Should we include a meal in our Fundraiser?

No. Your goal is to raise money for your cause… not feed people. Some venues will offer a meal service, but keep in mind that providing food means more cost for you, and less money raised going towards your cause. If you can get food DONATED, then you can serve food

● What are we responsible for taking care of for the Fundraiser?

Zingerz Comedy will provide a majority of what you need for a successful FUNdraiser. We will provide you with a FUNdraiser Video and a Step-by-Step Guide, which will lay out all your responsibilities and duties.

● How much time do we need to prepare for our Fundraiser?

AT LEAST 4-6 weeks.

● Will you help promote the show or sell tickets?

We will provide you with a Facebook Event InvitePage and a FUNdraiser Promotion Guide to help you promote your event. Our Step-by-Step Guide and FUNdraiser Video will also show you the most successful ways to sell tickets for your Fundraiser!

● Will you provide physical tickets for our Fundraiser?

Physical tickets are a thing of the past. To keep the ticketing process as easy as possible for everyone involved, all ticket transactions are handled online. Your guests and volunteers won’t have to keep up with physical tickets. Event attendees will simply show their purchase receipt at the door.

● How much does a Comedy Night FUNdraiser cost?

Give us a call at 817-609-1715 or email us at Laugh@ZingerZComedyClub.com and we will be more than happy to provide you with a FREE QUOTE!

● Is there a deposit required?

Yes, however we understand that sometimes when you are trying to raise money you may not have any to begin with… So we have a way to help you with your deposit, if needed.

● How do I get started?

Just give us a call at 817-609-1715 or email us at Laugh@ZingerZComedyClub.com and we will help you get started!